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Jardin the most beautiful village of Colombia

In 2016 I decided to follow the net of the Colombian villages awarded as cultural inheritance, exactly one year later I visited 9 of the 17 villages officially awarded with this title.

cloud forest Colombia cycling tour

I'm always excited when I'm traveling by bike. But this trip had some ingredients that made it even more special. I would visit towns like Honda, Guaduas and Salamina that are part of this net of villages of cultural inheritance and that I loved. I would have the opportunity to discover villages, roads and places in Colombia by bike that I have never seen before.

After having visited more than half of the towns on this list I have to say that I made the right decision to pass these towns as part of my bike trip. each town I passed on my adventure was a unique experience because of its food, its landscape, roads and most importantly its people that I had the chance to meet on my trip.

Bike trip Colombia cauca river

One always says that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But without fear of losing I would bet with you: Jardin, Antioquia, is the most beautiful town in Colombia. What are the reasons I claim it to be Colombia's most beautiful town? There are many! But what better first reason than its name: Jardin(Garden)! It perfectly describes its appearance and soul. I'll start to describe from outside in. You'll find Jardin in the Colombian part of the Andes surrounded by rivers, woods, fruit and coffee plantations. Sounds good? You cannot imagine how breathtaking it is. On top Jardin is a strategic place for all the bird watchers amongst you.

Jardin, Colombia the perfect place for cycling

Jardin, Colombia a paradise for lovers of bird watching

The first thing you'll notice entering Jardin are the colorful houses. The main square being the place where these colors and majestic houses are going to take your breath.

Jardín, Colombia the colorful village of our bike tour. Colombian beetle

Jardin, Colombia the colorful town of our bike tour

In each part of Jardin you're gonna find its color: In the houses, the landscape and its vehicles. This might sound ridiculous but you'll understand once you've seen the Chivas, the region's typical buses.

Jardin, Colombia, the most beautiful town in Colombia, is part of our bicycle tour through the Colombian coffee zone

Jardin, Colombia, the most beautiful town in Colombia, is part of our bicycle tour through the Colombian coffee zone

Jardin - a small town in Colombia that takes its name seriously

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