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  • Duration 7 days Cycling days 5 

  • 1 Rest day

Cycling distance: 417 km - 259 miles

Cycling Climbing: 7.109 mt - 23.323 ft

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Villa de Leyva with its main square and its Colonial buildings make this city one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia,
  • visit Tota Lake, the largest lake in Colombia and the second highest navigable lake in South America


Colombia shares the same passion as many European countries and this passion is that Colombian cyclists are on the same level as the big stars of the traditional cycling countries of Europe, such as Spain, France, Italy or Great Britain. Every year new Colombian cyclists appear who win important stages in one of the three great tours. But what is the secret to this success? The truth is that the secret of this success is a mixture of different things amongst which two things stand out especially: the mountainous geography of Colombia in which a good part of the population of the country lives and rides its bicycle at high altitude (Bogota the capital of Colombia is located at 2600 meters above sea level and Medellin the second most important city is 1495 meters above sea level). The second reason is the passion with which the Colombian lives cycling. Cycling is part of the identity of the Colombian. This is reflected in the large number of amateur or professional cyclists riding on Colombian roads, especially in regions such as Boyacá, Bogotá or Antioquia. If you are constantly looking for new cycling challenges, Colombia can be your amusement park. Two good examples are:

* The ultra famous and mythical ALPE D'HUEZ starting in Bourg d'Oisans has a length of 13.2 km with an accumulated ascent of 1,108 meters ending at a height of 1850 meters

* Passo dello Stelvio starting in Prato the most difficult ascent of Italy has a length of 24.3km with an accumulated ascent of 1808 meters ending at 2758 meters above sea level

Instead one of the most classic ascents of the Colombian Andes: El Alto de Letras with a length of 81.7km, an accumulated ascent of 4571 meters and ending at 3678 meters above sea level. This shows what it can be to ride your bike in Colombia, a country where you can ride your bike and climb some high mountains all year round.

But not everything is about Cycling, Colombia is part of the group of countries considered Megadiverse. This is a small group of countries that have the highest biodiversity index on Earth, so if you are a nature lover, Colombia can be your paradise.


DAYS 1:Bogota

This day the adventure begins, we will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel. In the evening we will have a welcome dinner with all the participants of the tour, here we will all meet and talk about the big and small details of our tour.

DAY 2:Bogotá-Guatavita

We begin our tour with a not very long route but with some ups and downs, which will help us to prepare for the following stages. We left Bogota heading to Guatavita a mythical place, famous for being one of the places that helped to build the famous legend of the Dorando.

The region of Guatavita is a place that is surrounded by lagoons which were sacred to the native peoples of this region, where they made offerings to nature and gods in which they threw thousands of pieces of gold in the center of the lagoons. This route is one of the most popular among Bogota cyclists, as it has several climbs in which some cases reach up to 3000 meters (remember that Colombia is on the line of Ecuador, so at this height we did not find snow).

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 50 km,31 miles-Climbing:893 meters,2929 feet

DAY 3: Guatavita-Villa de Leyva

We left Bogotá behind to enter the department of Boyacá, one of the regions where cycling is most intense in Colombia. Much of this region is above 2000 meters high surrounded by mountains. It is an important rural territory for Colombia in which the bicycle plays an important role for the transport of people. These characteristics have favored the ideal training ground for the great Colombian climbers some of the most famous cyclists of the present time, such as Nairo Quintana or Miguel Angel Lopez.

This day we finished our stage in Villa de Leyva a small city that is part of the network of peoples heritage of Colombia (network that brings together the 17 most beautiful villages and with a historical importance of Colombia).

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 120 km,74 miles-Climbing:1398 meters, 4586 feet

DAY 4:Villa de Leyva-Paipa

Following our adventure in the mountains of Boyacá, this day we will have the opportunity to ride on our bicycle in the same roads where Nairo Quintana trained as a child and in which he trains when this Colombia. Our tour takes us through the house where Nairo Quintana grew up and where his parents live, in this house there is a cafe where local cyclists meet, an ideal place to take a break in our tour and recharge the energy with any of Boyacá's local drinks or foods.


Cycling data: Distance 82 km, 51 miles-Climbing:1259 meters,4130 feet

DAY 5:Paipa-Iza

The first kilometers of this stage will be relatively flat until a little before half of our stage we face the rise of the day in which we will climb up to 3100 meters to reach Lake Tota, the largest lake Colombia and one of the highest navigable lakes in South America.


Cycling data: Distance 96 km, 59 miles-Climbing:1795 meters,5889 feet

DAY 6:Iza Rest day

It's time to relax a bit and enjoy some outdoor activities that the beautiful region of Boyacá offers us.


DAY 7:Iza-Bogotá

We say goodbye to Boyaca and our way to Bogota, passing through valleys and sacred mountains for the ancient indigenous civilizations that populated these lands.


Cycling data: Distance 69 km, 42 miles-Climbing:1800 meters,5905 feet

Arrival + Departure Details



Airport City: Bogota, Colombia
Pick-Up Location: Aeropuerto el Dorado


Airport City: Bogota, Colombia
Drop-Off Location: Aeropuerto el Dorado

Inclusions + Information


All accommodation will be in hotels or guest houses. We choose accommodation on the basis of comfort rather than luxury. Our prices are based on sharing a twin room; single rooms are available at extra cost.


  • Daily breakfast

  • Snacks and local fruit on riding days

  • Dinner last night.


  • Expert bilingual guide with extensive cycling experience and local knowledge

  • Support vehicle that follows the day’s route, distributes refreshments, and offers lifts

  • Bike maintenance to ensure optimal performance

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport.

  • Bike and Helmet

Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Travel insurance

Dates & Prices

  • Price $1500-7 days

You could get in touch with us at if you'd like to make a booking

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