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  • Duration 7 days Cycling days 6 

Cycling distance: 466 km - 289 miles

Cycling Climbing: 11.963 mt - 39.248 ft

Tour Highlights

  • Experience the charm of Colombia's heritage towns by visiting three of the 18 towns that form the network of Colombian Heritage Towns. 
  • Conquer one of the world's longest mountain passes, El Alto de Letras, on the second day, offering a special treat for mountain-climbing enthusiasts.
  • Pedal through the green landscapes of the Coffee Axis, with a unique visit to a coffee farm to witness the complete coffee-making process.


Embark on a 6-day road cycling adventure spanning 466 km and 11,963 meters of positive elevation gain, starting from Bogota, Colombia, and concluding in the vibrant city of Medellin. Begin your journey with a day in Bogota, exploring cultural gems like the Botero Museum, Gold Museum, and a visit to Monserrate. Revel in the city's dynamic cycling culture on Sundays, where over 1.5 million people hit the streets.

Heading west from Bogota, the tour kicks off with a stop in Honda, one of the three heritage towns on the route. The second day presents an epic challenge: conquering the renowned El Alto de Letras, one of the world's longest mountain passes—a special treat for mountain-climbing enthusiasts!

On the third day, pedal through the lush green landscapes of the Coffee Axis, providing a unique opportunity to visit a coffee farm and witness the complete coffee-making process, from cultivation to cup preparation.

The tour's final days take you through the culturally rich region of southern Antioquia, known for its paisa culture. Concluding in Medellin, often regarded as Colombia's most famous city, immerse yourself in its enviable climate (dubbed the "City of Eternal Spring"), welcoming locals, and a plethora of attractions, including outstanding restaurants, museums, and the country's best public transportation system.


DAYS 1:Bogota-Honda

Begin your cycling adventure in Bogota, a bustling city of 9 million. Navigate the morning traffic as we transition by vehicle to our starting point. Descend from the heights of the Eastern Andes to the Magdalena River Valley, starting at 2600 meters and ending at 200 meters. Witness a dramatic change in temperature, colors, and nature. The real challenge lies not in the climbing meters but in adapting to the heat during the second half as we pedal through the Colombian "Tierra Caliente."

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 133 km,82 miles-Climbing:1280 meters,4200 feet

DAY 2:Honda-Letras

Prepare for the queen stage—an epic journey. Starting early from Mariquita, we face the relentless climb of El Alto de Letras, one of the world's longest mountain passes. Despite a modest 3.9% incline, the length and changing altitudes, from 480 to 3650 meters above sea level, make it a strategic challenge. Navigate through varying thermal zones, and the final kilometers, coupled with altitude and accumulated fatigue, demand a strategic approach.

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 81 km,50 miles-Climbing:3890 meters,12762 feet

DAY 3: Manizales-Aguadas

After conquering the queen stage, pedal through the Coffee Axis in Caldas. Explore the high-altitude towns, starting in Neira and navigating the ups and downs of the mountains to reach Aguadas, famed for producing the beautiful "Sombrero Aguadeño," one of Colombia's most exquisite hats.

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 102 km,63 miles-Climbing:2960 meters, 9711 feet

DAY 4:Aguadas-La Pintada

Following days of ascending the Andes, take a break for a coffee tour, gaining insight into the process of producing Colombia's renowned coffee. Descend from the mountains to La Pintada, situated at the valley's bottom. While only ascending 300 meters, the descent covers 1800 meters.


Cycling data: Distance 43 km, 26 miles-Climbing:300 meters,984 feet

DAY 5:La Pintada-Jerico

This stage unfolds in two parts. The initial 27 km, nearly flat, runs parallel to the Cauca River. The second part, a challenging 22 km with a 6.4% average incline and a gain of 1495 meters in elevation, culminates in the vibrant town of Jerico—a multicolored gem and our third stop in the network of heritage towns.


Cycling data: Distance 50 km, 31 miles-Climbing:1836 meters,6023 feet

DAY 6:Jerico-Medellin

After descending into the Valley of the Cauca River we will then cross it. Another beautiful climb will give us the chance to enjoy and overlook this beautiful and green country. Take your time and get plenty of photos!

And remember in Colombia we don’t ride hills, we ride mountains!!!


Cycling data: Distance 57 km, 35 miles-Climbing:1697 meters,5567 feet

Arrival + Departure Details



Airport City: Bogota, Colombia
Pick-Up Location: Aeropuerto el Dorado


Airport City: Medellin , Colombia
Drop-Off Location: Aeropuerto internacional José María Cordova

Inclusions + Information


All accommodation will be in hotels or guest houses. We choose accommodation on the basis of comfort rather than luxury. Our prices are based on sharing a twin room; single rooms are available at extra cost.


  • Daily breakfast

  • Snacks , hydration and local fruit on riding days


  • Expert bilingual guide with extensive cycling experience and local knowledge

  • Support vehicle that follows the day’s route, distributes refreshments, and offers lifts

  • Bike maintenance to ensure optimal performance

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport.

  • Bike and Helmet

Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Travel insurance

Dates & Prices

  • Price $1500-7 days

You could get in touch with us at if you'd like to make a booking

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