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Why explore COLOMBIA?

Finding a new adventure around every corner


  • Cycling Tours of more than 10 days

The coffee bike tour


12 Days

the magic bike tour

Bogota-Santa Marta

15 Days

  • Cycling Tours under 10 days

Boyacá tour

Bogotá loop Boyacá

7 Days

the Valley  tour


5 Days


At Colombian Beetle, we are passionate about Colombia and cycling. This motivated us to design real cycling adventures in a country that for many years has been off the radar because of serious problems.

However, in the last 16 years, Colombias politics have changed which suddenly made it a lot safer to travel. We at Colombian Beetle want to contribute to the improvement of this beautiful country. With our cycling trips, we try to support the local communities we visit.

We are working very hard to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience. Our goal is to show the world Colombias beauty.


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