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The glacier tour

  • Cycling days 6 

Cycling distance: 277 km - 172 miles

Cycling Climbing:10620 mt - 34842 ft

Tour Highlights

  • Witness the majesty of the Aletsch Glacier and the iconic Matterhorn, providing stunning backdrops throughout the tour.
  • Challenging Ascents and Thrilling Descents: Experience the physical challenge of ascending to altitudes exceeding 2000 meters, with demanding climbs and rewarding descents
  • Cultural Exploration and Culinary Delights: Immerse yourself in the diverse Swiss culture as you traverse through various cantons, from the German-speaking Lucerne to the French-speaking Valais.


Embark on a thrilling 6-day mountain biking odyssey in Switzerland, exploring the heart of the Alps. From Lucerne to Montreux, traverse diverse terrains with challenging ascents and exhilarating descents, showcasing the stunning Obwalden Valley, Aletsch Glacier, and iconic Matterhorn. Immerse yourself in Swiss culture as you cycle through various cantons, enjoying crystal-clear alpine lakes and charming towns like Meiringen and Sion. Culminate the journey with a farewell dinner in Montreux. This tour promises an unforgettable blend of physical challenge, cultural exploration, and breathtaking landscapes, making it a must-experience for avid mountain bikers.


DAYS 1:Lucerne-Meiringen

Begin your mountain biking adventure by tackling the challenging mountain ascents in central Switzerland immediately upon leaving Lucerne. The route offers spectacular views of the Obwalden Valley, with its enchanting lakes, including Lake Sarnen and Lake Lungern. Throughout the day, you'll navigate mountainous terrain, providing a unique perspective of the region. The climax of the stage features a significant uphill stretch, offering a demanding cycling experience. Towards the end of the stage, a lengthy descent brings you to the quaint town where you'll rest for the night, Meiringen.

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 60 km,37 miles-Climbing:2000 meters,6561 feet

DAY 2:Grimsel-Fiesch

Embark on Stage 2 from the renowned Grimsel Pass, starting your day at a breathtaking elevation of 2100 meters above sea level. The initial 10 kilometers keep you at this high altitude, providing panoramic views. Descending approximately 8 kilometers to Münster, you'll then face the day's challenge – a 7-kilometer ascent on the northern side of the Alpine range, reaching an impressive 2400 meters. After conquering this ascent, the real thrill begins – a thrilling 22-kilometer descent. Day 2 concludes in the town of Fiesch, offering around 20 kilometers of exhilarating singletrack trails, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey.

Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 48 km,29 miles-Climbing:1640 meters,5380 feet

DAY 3:Fiesch-Visp

On this challenging day, the journey from Fiesch to Visp commences with a 17-kilometer ascent, featuring intermittent breaks after the 10-kilometer mark. A true test for your legs, this uphill battle rewards you with a breathtaking sight – the largest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch Glacier. Scaling the bike to the highest point of 2400 meters, you'll be treated to an awe-inspiring view of the glacier at the renowned Chüestall restaurant. After a well-deserved pause, a thrilling 20-kilometer descent awaits, navigating through some of the most famous singletrack trails in the region, a treat for mountain biking enthusiasts in Switzerland.


Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 46 km,28 miles-Climbing:1860 meters,6102 feet

DAY 4:Zermatt

Zermatt, surrounded by 38 peaks exceeding 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), stands as a mountain biking paradise nestled at the base of the iconic Matterhorn. With a backdrop of this majestic peak, cycling enthusiasts will revel in the joy of exploring some of the world's finest singletracks. The mountains around Zermatt offer a spectacularly diverse collection of trails, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all mountain biking aficionados. Zermatt has long been a must-visit for mountain bikers, hosting numerous prominent mountain biking events and the Traillove Mountain Bike Festival in September, earning its fame for a reason. The region is a true haven for those seeking thrilling and varied mountain biking adventures..



Cycling data: Distance 35 km,21 miles-Climbing:1350 meters,4429 feet

DAY 5:Sierre-Sierre

On this day, we'll be pedaling at an altitude of over 2000 meters for most of the journey. Although not an overly long stage, the high altitude makes it equally demanding, yet brimming with excitement. Expect a plethora of single trails, visits to crystal-clear alpine lakes, and mesmerizing landscapes that promise both challenge and delight.


Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 35 km,21 miles-Climbing:1500 meters,4921 feet

DAY 6:Fully-Montreux

Our final day of the tour is dedicated to covering as many kilometers of singletrack as possible. Along with the thrill of navigating through the trails, we'll ascend over 2000 meters, adding an extra challenge to test our legs. After the training of the past days, this ascent will be more manageable. In the evening, we'll gather for a farewell dinner, an opportunity to share stories from the recent days and perhaps find inspiration for dreaming up new journeys, whether here or anywhere else.


Meals: Breakfast

Cycling data: Distance 53 km,32 miles-Climbing:2270 meters,7747 feet

Arrival + Departure Details


Pick-Up Location:
Lucerne train station

Montreux train station

Inclusions + Information


All accommodation will be in hotels or guest houses. We choose accommodation on the basis of comfort rather than luxury. Our prices are based on sharing a twin room; single rooms are available at extra cost.


  • Daily breakfast

  • Snacks and local fruit on riding days


  • Expert bilingual guide with extensive cycling experience and local knowledge

  • Support vehicle that follows the day’s route, distributes refreshments, and offers lifts

  • Bike maintenance to ensure optimal performance

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport.

  • Bike and Helmet

Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Travel insurance

Dates & Prices

  • Price $1200-5 days

You could get in touch with us at if you'd like to make a booking

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